The technology of THERMABAG was developed by our partners in Germany a few years ago and the bags are manufactured there from a high-tech and light weight thermal material. There is no other company that can match with our manufacturing capability, the quality or ability to print an 8-colour brilliant graphic design on the bag. THERMABAG is 100% recyclable and is the number one thermal grocery bag in the world bar none when compared with other much heavier and padded thermal bags. Our thermal bag today accounts for 70% of the thermal bag market in the world due to its technology.

Our cool bag is new in Australia but its popularity in the United States, Canada and Europe among consumers has been well established. They have also confirmed to us increased sales of perishables when customers shop with the bag.

In Australia THERMABAG was introduced in 2002 and is proving itself to be and is becoming an invaluable environmentally friendly shopping bag. This cool bag is now available in every State and found on sale at butchers, delicatessens, take away, fish mongers and chicken shops, home ware, gifts and Kitchenware, news agencies, chocolate shops, ice cream parlors and many other retailers including hardware and chain stores. Its uses are numerous including shopping, boating, picnics, travel, school lunch bag, beach, fishing etc.


“THERMABAG” as a cool bag has a number of unique dynamic features working for it, which would give companies like yours a tremendous promotional opportunity.

To name a few:
It starts with a high consumer demand because it keeps food and beverages hot, cold or frozen whilst travelling for a period of three hours*.
Food markets have discovered that consumers who use this cool bag, buy more products. They feel more confident due to its safety and health concerns.
It has tremendous advertising and promotional opportunities for super markets. You can create your own custom cool bag which can be printed in 8 vibrant colors, four process and four spot.
People take THERMABAG to many different places, in doing so this cool bag becomes a travelling billboard for your corporate message and image in addition to product advertisement.

We have no doubt THERMABAG will be as successful and popular with your customers as it has been with the customers of all the other retailers carrying our cool bag. This synergistic product drives and encourages drinks grocery and frozen food sales, helps increase market share, and addresses consumer safety concerns.

* Actual time may vary depending upon environmental conditions outside of the bag.

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