15th April 2003

The Manager

PO Box 308
Double Bay NSW 1360

Dear Sir,

It was indeed a great find on this particular day when I went shopping and found your Thermabag at a butcher shop at Clovelly.

As you know by now, the Advanced Medical Institute is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of medications to pharmacists, clinics and patients Australia wide. Such medication must be maintained refrigerated under certain temperatures at all times and therefore we have found Thermabag was the ideal packaging to achieve this objective whilst in transit.

Thermabag, compared with our previous packaging method of a foam box, is most certainly welcomed by most of our customers. We have found it very versatile, durable, reusable and certainly more cost effective.

I sincerely believe Thermabag with its many attributes and versatilities is well worthwhile recommending as a domestic and industrial packaging medium.

I wish you luck.

Yours Truly

Jack Valsman



As the senior member ofthe CFA Region 16 catering team, I'll like toinform you how happy we are using the "Thermabag".

Most times there is limited space available and the therabag and its contents mould into the space available.

We have used it for frozen food and short term transport of hot food; I agree the more contents in the bag within reason the better it works.

Our team members have now been using them for over 24 months, other fire brigades nearby have also trialed the Thermabag and agree they are an asset.

Thanks again for your follow up phone calls.


Rob Kennedy



Cold Rock Ice Creamery

Date: 23.10.09

As the owners of a busy ice-cream store we are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer service and maintaining quality of our product.

The idea of ‘Thermabags’ was recommended by a fellow franchise owner who had been using this product for some time.

We have been very impressed with the quality and service provided by Paul and his team. Our customers can now order ice-cream products and be assured that they can travel to their destination without compromising their purchase. Bags are also used to ship frozen products between stores on a regular occasion and they have proven to be a useful product for our business.

Yours Sincerely,

Sheryl Ramsey


Cold Rock Ice-creamery Wollongong
Cold Rock Ice-Creamery Penrith


Home Couture

Dear Paul

I’m writing to you to inform you of the success of Thermabag products in our Rose Bay store.

The Thermabag products were one of the fastest selling items for the month of February 03.
Overall the products have achieved a high level of:

• Sales
• Customer satisfaction
• Great profit margins

Congratulations on launching a great new product on the market place, one that was very much needed.

Also thank you very much for the efficient and prompt service provided by your company.

Kind Regards

Michael Seder

Managing Director



IGA West Pymble

Letcher Holdings Pty Ltd
Shop 8 Phillip Mall
Kendall St NSW 2073

ACN: 003441058

ABN: 15003441058

To fellow IGA retailers.

I’ve known Paul Golan for five ears. Paul introduced the

Therma Bags to me. Since that introduction the Therma Bags are selling quite well within my store. There are 3 different sizes and they are competitively priced. They are of good quality and customers are happy after they purchase the bags. Just recently Paul

introduced me to a range of kids back packs. These are also of good quality and sell quite well. Please take time to look at Paul's merchandise and I'm sure you will be happy of what you see and hear from him.


Tony Aglio

(Store Owner)

Party Food

27July 2008

PO Box 308

Dear Mr. Golan,

After trading successfully for over 40 years in Frozen Food Distribution and Party Food Pantry, I would highly recommend the Thermal Insulated Bags to anyone wanting a tough durable, inexpensive way of keeping food at the correct temperature.

I found they were ideal for milk, seafood, meat, smallgoods, dairy products, ice and will even keep your wine cool.

Whilst selling this product I had nothing but glowing reports from customers.

Yours sincerely

John Jamieson

Managing Director


Peppe's Pasta


We have been using thermabags for 5 months and found that they have had apositive effect on the sales of our fresh and frozen products. It encourages our customers to buy larger quantities of pasta knowing that they cantransport them in the thermabags without the worry of defrosting.

Our most delicate products are the potato gnocchi, which requires them to stay frozen. With the thermabag, our gnocchi as well as all other types of frozen pasta are kept frozen for up to 3 hours, keeping in tact the quality of the product, especially around summer.

We use the thermabags at various growers markets and find that most customers will buy a bag to transport their perishables as most of the time, the don't get home until a few hours later.

Our customers have complimented us on our initiative on introducing this reusable environmentally friendly bag.

The staff and management at Globe-Tech are friendly and will do their utmost in providing a good after sales service.

Joe Cassaniti

Managing Director

Peppe's Pasta Pty Ltd


Pure Gelato


We have been using the ThermaBag by Globe Tach for almost 12 months, ThermaBag has proven itself to be a reliable and cost effective tool for our customers to transport their gelato purchase home.

In our business It is vital tbat our product is kept frozen to destination, and the ThermaBag does just that,

Once purchased our clients find themselves with a virtual esky in their boot that does not take up any Space

Our Company uses and recommends ThermaBag not only for the great service that

Globe Tech provides but for a brilliant product it distributes.

Jo Di Maria

Pure Gelato

23rd April, 2015





We have been selling, using and giving as gifts to our customers GLOBE-TECH Thermabags for over seven years.


Our customers always comment on how great they are and how well they work.


Value for money they are a great product and as a promotional gift fantastic.


We would highly recommend GLOBE-TECH Thermabags.





Garry and Kellie Waddell

GRUMPYS Tender Meat and Fresh Chicken

Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Flavours Catering

Thank you for all your letters of acknowledgement from our appreciative customers and please enjoy reading some of them.



Thermal Sundries

"With the capacity to keep a roast chicken toasty warm, prawns chilled, or ice cream frozen for up to 3 hours, the thermabag is certailnly the easier way to carry temperature sensitive food than lugging an esky about. Especially useful when you're browsing grower's markets or out on a picnic, the Thermabag keeps your delicacies cool, calm and collected."

Australian Gourmet Traveller